Sunday, September 30, 2012

Garden's End

The gardening season has come to an end here.  It is so sad to look at an empty garden after all the hard work and beauty that was in it at one time.  Now what to do with our "dead" plants and empty "plots"....

....How about turn it into a cemetery!!!  The fence was already there so we just removed the bright and colorful signs and replaced them with a few dollar store items (free from my sister who didn't use them any longer).  The ghosts are just broken branches and trash bags filled with "dead" leaves.  We used a marker to make the faces and instant ghosts....BOOOOOOOOOOO

The tombstones in the garden have a bit of a story behind them...I made them the first year we bought the house.  Since I never had much area to decorate for Halloween and all of a sudden I found the few decorations I had looked out of place in such a big space.  I used them the first year and when I went to use them the second year my oldest (2yrs at the time) was so scared that real ghosts would come out of them I had to take them down.  We stored them in a small storage area under the house.  The next spring we built a new porch and framed in the house but never remembered to take them out of storage:(  They remained in there for the next 4 years only to find them accidentally when we were replacing a board on another construction project.  Thankfully my daughter is now old enough not to be scared and the worked great for the garden.  I only wish I would have put vegetable names on them.