Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finally, an update

Okay so I have been lacking in updating my blog, I apologize.  It seems as things just have a way of getting out of control this time of year for me.
I hope everyone had a lovey Christmas, we sure did.  I think the best part of Christmas is that I actually get to spend some time with my family with out all the daily interruptions (school, work, and general life).  We did spend most of Christmas with some ailing plague.  I was sick for almost a week leading up to Christmas and the kids got it shortly after me :(  No fun when your sick but we made the best of the situation.
For the first year we spent Christmas Eve home as a family and it was great.  We usually go to Thad's brothers which is fun but we end up getting home way too late, the kids get cranky, and then we still have to do "Santa".  By the time Christmas morning comes we are all tired and cranky.  This year was so nice to be able to relax at home and enjoy the kids excitement over Santa coming.  We even did a special home grown dinner of only things we grew or raised ourselves.  We had spare ribs from our pig, corn on the cob, potatoes, and for desert apple pie from apples I froze from our tree.  It was so delicious!  Think this will be our new tradition for years to come.
Now all the craziness of Christmas is over and we are starting to feel better from what ever illness we had we can focus on all the great things we will have in the coming new year.  We have many new ideas for more gardens, animals, and building we need to make so hopefully we will be able to get some things done.  Winter is a bit slow for accomplishing things but we are hoping also do some clearing of the land to make pasture.  With only needing to worry about plowing snow and staying warm we are hopefully that we will have time to cut trees so come spring we can have more open space. 
With New Years just around the corner I should have more great stuff to update for everyone.  I debated making a resolution to work more on my blog but I know if I make that resolution it will fall by the way side just like most I have ever made.  I decided instead to not make that resolution in hopes that I will be able to follow through.  I know with the winter months ahead still I will find myself indoors more and that should allow more time for more updates. 
I hope everyone has a great New Year!