A picture taken by our 4yr daughter when she was just messing around with my camera that she wasn't supposed to have  is now one of my favorite photos so I decided to make it the face of The Bull's Pen.

Welcome to The Bull's Pen! 
Fun with the Bull Family as seen through the eyes of me (Ruby Bull) with lots of help from the hubby too(Thad).  Being raised in this same area our whole lives we have enjoyed the pleasures of the country/farming way of life and we enjoy sharing this way of life with our children. 
Located on the edge of a small town in Upstate NY we enjoy every minute of our life in the county. Our kids, animals, friends and of course our family make each day a dream come true for us.  The Bull's Pen is the farm with out the barn so to speak.  We have a wide variety of animals, from a turtle to goats.  Neither my husband or I are farmers most of our life with our animals are new experiences to us.  I will never consider myself an expert on any issue.  We were both raised in families of farmers. So farming is in our blood just not our budget. We would like to someday have a farm but with today's economy we will just have to settle for ways to farm with out the actual farm and with out the barn either.
I love crafting, sewing, any other form of crafting you can think of and yes even using power tools.  I love sharing my creations even more.  My theory is if I want it I can make it and that is usually how my projects start.  Always wanting to see the result I will spend every possible minute finishing what I started. 

Gardening is one joy the whole family shares.  The only vegetable the kids ever want to eat are fresh from the garden and not cooked.  We have a shorter growing season here then some places on the Internet.  While some places are already harvesting we are still waiting to plant.  I guess that makes our harvest well worth the wait.  We started our first garden with only tomatoes and cucumbers.  Its grown a lot since then and last year we harvested (in Aug. due to flooding) enough potatoes to last us through Jan of this year.
I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to give me any ideas/information on how I can make it better!

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