Team Clover 4-H Club

Flag Retiring Ceremony

Our 4-H Club joined forces with the local American Legion and Girl Scout Troop to present the community with a Flag Retiring Ceremony

Hummingbird Feeder

Team Clover 4-H has spent the last year learning lots of ways to care for wild birds and now that summer is here we have taken on the challenge of caring for summer feathered friends.  We made bird baths, bird house and at our last meeting we made Hummingbird feeders.
 Hummingbird feeder DIY

Bird Baths

Learning about Wild Birds had led us with lots of fun projects this year.  Now that the weather is warmer we moved on to what we could do to help attact birds in the summer.  One sure way is to have a bird bath.  Follow the link to find out how ours turned out so great.

4-H Pheasants

Team Clover 4-H Club finally has some "animals" all their own to raise....Pheasants!  and over 60 of them combined as a club....Wow  

Fairy/Gnome Gardens

The kids put a lot of work into making these adorable little gardens.  They made almost every part of the decorative items and them assembled some pretty amazing gardens too. To see what they made follow the link in the photo.  To see the updated gardens click here.

Fishing Fun

What Upstate NY kid who lives on a brook that leads into the Delaware River wouldn't want to go fishing?  So when one of our 4-H members listed fishing as a want to do in the beginning of the year we went fishing.   Find out more about a meeting full of fishing fun here.
Fishing next to our historic Downsville Covered Bridge

Sew Much Fun

3 Meetings of total chaos, lots of broken needles and thread, lots of patients and some pretty amazing end results is how I describe our first attempt at sewing in the Team Clover 4-H Club.  We may have struggled along the way but we ended up with a great finished product!  Congrats to all my mini seamstress!  See all our completed projects and see if you have what it take to get your License here.

Wild Bird Watching

Our first year as 4-H leaders.....where do we start?????
Well, where/what should we spend the year working on?  I know everyone thinks 4-H should be all about farming but that not really the case and with our group that definitely wasn't going to work as my kids are the only ones with any animals that don't consist of cats or dogs....Guess Wild Bird it is!

The birds loved them!  See all the fun we had making these and learning about Wild Bird here.

Why 4-H

So for anyone who didn't know this year we took on a new challenge for the Bull family and other families too in the form of the "Team Clover 4-H Club".  Find out why and follow us as we have new journeys every months here

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