Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fairy/Gnome Gardens Update

My kids worked very hard to get the supplies together to make Fairy/Gnome Gardens in 4-H.  It was a project the Oldest Daughter wanted to do the worst way and knowing we couldn't afford them as a club she and the other kids put lots of work into making all the supplies we would need.  You can see just some of the great items we made in my Fairy/Gnome Garden blog but I also wanted to share some of the great completed gardens made by the 4-H kids using those great items.

Here are some more fun items and some of the completed Fairy/Gnome Gardens that Team Clover 4-H Club made.  Each garden turned out great and shows the different personalities of all the members.
See if you can find any of these items in the gardens below.
Fair Laundry Line, Rock Sculptures, Tire Swings, Koi Ponds, Table and Chair set and much more......

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