Monday, June 13, 2016

Her 1st Job

The Oldest Daughter is now 10 with a birthday last month.  But about a month before her birthday she did a very grown up thing and got a job!!!!  Really, she wanted her own money and wanted to raise it herself so a job it was.  This job was no ordinary job for a 10 year old, like house work or chores or helping neighbors with small tasks but a really fun job which allowed her to use her creative side and work for herself.  Her new job was making and selling Fairy Gardens.
Now if you remember she is one of the daughters who wanted to make Fairy Gardens in 4-H so bad that she started coming up with items all on their own so the club could afford to make them.  So this really was a good choice for her.  There was more of a question as to whether my shy girl could get customers?  She did and she has quite a business going which she tends to keep over the summer too.

This was her first sale, it was so cute and tiny in the tea cup compared to the bigger ones we made in 4-H.  She sold it to a substitute teacher and that started what in 2 months was over 25 tea/soup cup sales.  She has worked hard making sales and she has done almost all the work on her Fairy Gardens from painting the rocks for Houses, Bugs, or even Stepping stones by herself.  I am very proud of her effort.

Obviously there are a few things she can not do like cut and bend a wire hanger to make the garden stakes or drill holes (without assistance) so I  help out there and any where she needs.  I was a big contributor in her most recent sale where I made her some Musical themed items for her music teacher's fairy garden but only because I know at 10yrs old going to your best friends birthday party is important and that she would have been up way too late doing it on her own the same night.

The rest of her gardens are all her own personal works of art.  This one (in a soup mug) was her favorite of all the ones she made.  It is a simple rope swing (I drilled the rock out), a bench with a Koi pond and a few succulents and honestly this picture barely does it justice, it turned out so fun looking its no wonder it was her favorite.

This girl and her work is absolutely amazing!  I don't know how else to end this post so I will leave you with a few more samples of her work and the word "Proud to be her Mom!"

A country Cottage

Fairy Town

On the Farm

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