Wednesday, June 22, 2016

6/12/16 - 6/18/16

A busy start to a slower week allowed us time to get some things done here.

The week started out Sunday with a Flag Retiring Ceremony with our 4-H Club, the Girls Scouts and the American Legion.  We actually have a few of each in the our Club with some of the Girls doing double duty as Girl Scouts and 4-H'ers plus we have the Hubby who is not only one of our Club leaders but also the Legion's Adjutant and did the ceremony for the Flag Retiring.  It was a great job by everyone.

A slow week followed with not much happening but house work and small projects that have been put off here.  It was nice to have a few days to just take care of critters, water gardens and do house work till the kids would get home from school and just what we needed before the kids got of school for the summer.

The only big happening other then the flag ceremony was that Heidi managed to sneak into the chicken coop and eat their food.  She has probably doing it for a while that just happened to be the day I caught her.....

......It was quite funny to see her send herself to her room after she was caught though.  Not technically her room as its actually the ducks house but she still knew she was caught and went to hide. lol

The rest of the week was just a little of this and that.  With the free time we had I whipped up a new wreath for our door.  I have a heart shape I made for Valentine's Day it was red and white but I added some blue to it so that it could be used most of the year.  Well a few years of weathering are starting to show on it now so I made this one up to take its place and since its almost the 4th of July I went with Red, White and Blue again.  It sure makes a statement there after being so used to the dull colored heart.

Our Saturday was actually a pretty nice day, we were home and had no real plans so the Hubby started putting up my Mothers Day gift on what would be the day before Fathers Day. lol  He had lots of help in the form of the Big Guy, some critters and a stinky Goat otherwise know as Oreo. lol
For those of you who don't know it is going to be a giant wind mill that was made years ago by his Uncle and is now mine.  We are hoping to get the rest of it done next weekend but we will see?

Definitely a week we could all enjoy and we are looking forward to a lot more of them this year.

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