Monday, June 13, 2016

A New Addition To The Blog

Quite often lots and lots of things take place for the Bull family that I plan to share with everyone who follows along with us both here and on our facebook page ( The Bull's Pen ) then before I know it time hasn't allowed me to post about it.  Of course then its not "relevant" to whats actually happening "today", whether it was a holiday happening or its rained for a week and it was a sunny day or even with the critters they grow by the seconds so a 4 day old post of them just doesn't make sense. For example when I wanted to share my Mother's Day with everyone and then the Crazy month of May took over and I never got to do it and it just seemed too late.

Solution found, simply a new Page to add to my blog call the " Week In Review" that will allow me to post all the "extra" stuff that happens in a week and that normally I wouldn't be able to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy seeing all the "extra" stuff.

Here is an example of one of the post that never made it:

The Pigs, did I even mention we had gotten them yet?  Well we did and they are growing and we even had and incident where 2 of the 4 pigs were invisible, missing or really good at hiding and also and indecent with one having a Prolapsed Rectum....I'll spare you the details but She is fine and the Hubby now has experience in that department that I don't ever want to know the details of. lol

I'm sure I had all intention of posting it but then it was again too late to say look at the Piglets when we had them over a month already and they are not cute little piggies now but big stinky, muddy messes.  I will mention that is girl in the picture is the one who had the bottom problem and guess what her name is?  Black Bob  For real the Big Guy wanted to name one Bob and since we already had a pig named Bob he changed this one to "Black" Bob since she was the one that had the most black on it.  Apparently at 7yrs old you don't care that a girl shouldn't be named Bob either because he is determined that is her name so that's what it is.

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