Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Flag Retiring Ceremony

I was at the school one day when one the local Girl Scout troop leaders approached me and asked if our 4-H Club would be interested in participating in a Flag Retiring Ceremony with her troop and the Legion.  I immediately said yes as I knew now only would it be beneficial to the club members to participate but to learn about how a flag is retired.  I had been the GS troops ceremony 2years prior so I also knew exactly which parts we would be able to help the most with.  Oh yeah and the Hubby would be there too as he is not only one of our club leaders but the Adjutant for the Legion and would be in charge of the ceremony.  This really was a great opportunity for the club and everyone else as well.
Team Clover's job was simple, we would help with the set up for the ceremony, get the fire burning, help provide snacks and drinks and we would lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  I am proud to say that the club did a great job in every bit.
Having the Hubby be the Master of the ceremony did have its special advantages for the not only the club as were able to chose the poems that were read by the Girls Scouts and the Big Guy was given the special job of presenting the "Ceremonial Flag" to the Hubby for retiring.

I will leave you with a few more images of the ceremony but I will recommend that if you are not aware of or have never be to a Flag Retiring Ceremony it really is a great ceremony and the respect that is given to our great flag is just amazing.  Who knows you may even learn something along the way.

Saluting the ceremonial flag as it is retired in the fire
Presenting the Ceremonial Flag

Burning the rest of the flags collected for retiring 

I would like to close by saying to all my local page followers please feel free to join us at the next Flag Retiring Ceremony.  And if you ever have a flag in need of retiring anytime during the year there are 3 collection boxes set up by the Girl Scouts in the Downsville area.  The Legion has one right inside the entrance, there is one at the Transfer Station and one in East Branch at the Fire Dept.

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