Sunday, June 5, 2016

Garden 2016 Is Planted Finally!

Although it was weeks later then normal we finally got the garden planted for the 2016 harvest year.
Not much has changed in the garden this year other then addition of one small 3' X 3' bed to grow more onions in.  Oh and the Green House, we added that this year but it was a bit late to actually start many seeds in it.  We did have some cucumbers that we started in it but that was about it other then flowers this year.

Not much of a major addition to the garden but it was very worth filling in this small space and we actually only had one small bed for onions so this was perfect to grow us a few more.

We also added one other thing to the garden that we normally don't have, fencing for the pumpkins/gourds to grow on.  We usually just let them grow along the edge of the garden fences but the chickens and goats discover them and then we don't have any come harvest time.  We are hoping that moving inside the garden on the fencing will give us a bit more then the three we harvested last year.

Guess moving the potato bed was out of the question this year.  With being so far behind in planting this year we have quiet a few potatoes we missed last year sprout up and grow before we had time to till beds.  With so many already sprouting we just tilled up the rows and added more.  Of course if you are not familiar with us you will not know that most of our potatoes grow in a different area outside the garden anyway so should they not grow we will still have a backup crop.

I really can not believe just how quickly things happen in the garden.  Two weeks ago nothing was even planted and today we have seedlings sprouting in almost every bed.  Here is hoping we have a great harvest.

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