Monday, April 25, 2016

My Green House

Finally got it done......About 5 years later then planned, tons of hoarding, 16 old windows, 1 sliding glass door, Plexi glass, lumber and tons of work.....Worth every ache, pain and minute!  Now to grow something in it.....

A few years ago, about 5 but who's counting I saw a post for a green house made of old windows and knew I wanted one.  Actually since I was a little girl I have wanted a green house and that just rekindled the spark I had way back then.  Anyway, the opportunity came to get my hands on some old windows and I took it knowing completely what they would be used for.  Well, lets just say they never made it to the green house as some were given away, some were used in the chicken coop, some were used in building our Sap Houses and some just broke over time leaving me a pile of frames with about one pane of glass each in them but I was still determined to keep them for my now someday green house.

So how did that pile of broken windows make this awesome green house?  They didn't.....
 About a week ago, which also happened to be about a week after having my gallbladder removed I was starting to feel much better, as I was having my morning coffee with the Hubby we were chatting about the garden and all that still needed doing now that I was getting better.  He had taken extra time off from work to help around here while I recovered and it was his last day home, I jokingly said we should just build a green house today and much to my surprise he said okay we will build your green house......almost fainted right then. lol

We set to work almost instantly, I knew I had a pile of windows stashed and I was certain we could make something work.  I knew they were mostly damaged but if we put all the broke ones together we would have a few walls and the rest well we could come up with something we usually do our best work when we don't have anything read anyway.   The hubby went to get the windows so we could figure out some sort of layout and size.  When he returned he brings out a pile of nice white windows that are not broken?  Where did they come from?  Well apparently he had been hoarding some windows himself for my some day green house too.....I'm such a lucky lady <3

Of course I already knew where I wanted it which required digging out the bank a little bit.  Apparently it wasn't quite as level as I though as it took most of the day to dig, lay up a a leveling wall and then build the frame.  I had to put my green house on hold yet again.

It was one of the longest work days I think the Hubby every had, not really just seemed that way and although he was tired after work he jumped right back into the green house as we actually had a very busy week ahead of us so we needed to work on it when we could....till dark even but we were able to get the roof and first wall on.  The roof is made from a set of sliding glass doors that were to be tossed but knowing we might have a use for them some day we hoarded them.  They were the perfect size, it was meant to be.

Days went by, only like 2 but it felt like months before we were able to work on it again and again we worked through dinner but were only able to get one wall on before we had to stop again.

Already it was Friday and a little over a week had gone by but it was the Hubby's day off again and we could work on my green house again.  First thing we did was install the final walls and build the door which ended up being the last 2 white windows we had put inside a custom frame to fit the smaller opening....It was so exciting to see it all coming together after all these years.

Saturday and the final day of work on the green house before the Hubby's work week started back up again.  I was up at 5am getting every thing done in the house so we would not have anything keeping us from completing my green house.   We spent almost the whole day working on the green house but by dinner time we had it done.  I even had time to work on making a potting bench and a custom rack for growing seedlings before cooking dinner.

We still have some detail work to do like trim around the windows, some sort of flooring and I have to make it look all cute but I cant begin to tell you how happy I am to have my very own green house.

......Now that I have it done, think the first thing to do is to get the seedlings in my dining room out there.....Did I say how lucky I am to have such a great life, not to mention the greatest Hubby ever!

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