Tuesday, April 26, 2016

His 1st Fish

A fishing inspired 4-H meeting has led to all the kids all having poles that can be used when ever they want and that is exactly what the Big Guy wanted to do the day after our fishing meeting.  He is a very lucky boy as we have access to fishing daily with a brook on our property and some nice fishing holes just on the edge of our lawn so fishing he went.

The Hubby gave him a minnow trap to use to try to catch bait fish while he set his new pole with a hook and worm and waited and waited and waited some more.  Lets just say like most 7yr old boys he wasn't quite patient but unlike most boys he had the luxury of going to play in the yard and still see his pole so he played and played and played.  He had checked his pole a few times here and there but it didn't seem like the fish were going to bit today....

....Then this happened.  He check his pole and reeled in a fish.  We were building our green house at the time so he stood there by the brook screaming for us to come.  I almost panicked thinking he was hurt, well he is my baby even if he is 7 but seeing the smile on his face proved to be worth the run to him.  He was the happiest thing the rest of the day, all smiles and he also fished all day though he didn't catch anything else.

Wow, it doesn't seem like he is big enough to be fishing on his own already.  He did it though and caught this beauty all by himself.  While the rest of us had regular spaghetti with sauce for dinner the Big Guy enjoyed a nice trout with his dinner and ate every bit possible.

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