Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Earth Day Gifts

Earth Day 2016 was the day after our monthly 4-H meeting and we were looking for a way to combine them.  The kids came up with planting seeds but we had no real way to do this in our meeting as it was already planned that we would spend this meeting fishing but they were determined to do something for Earth Day and 4-H so we came up with a plan, give all the kids seeds to plant themselves and all they would need to plant them.

Once we came up with a plan we all set to work getting things together that would go along with Earth Day.  There were recycled items such as bottles and news papers and there were even earth healthy items like organic seeds and potting soil.

The kids got right to work each one doing a part to make parts to the growing kit.  The girls filled bag of organic soil for each kit and the big guy started working on seed labels.

Each packet of seeds had a combination of 4 seeds.  As we forgot to mark each packet it will be a "surprise" as to what each member grows.  Each kit may have different seeds in them but they were all in recycled hand made packets that the kids cut out of news paper and made labels from left over scraps of construction paper from previous projects.

And even though we though it was self explanatory we included some easy instructions that were drew on recycled paper as well.

So what did you do for Earth Day?  We came home from our meeting and the kids instantly planted their seeds and now we wait to see what we end up with.

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