Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SEW Much Fun in 4-H

Sewing in 4-H is big in our area.  Of course I did not know this till this year but now I do and now I also know why most people in our area didn't' know this.....teaching kids to sew is a bit of a challenge I must say but the end result is amazing and full of proud young 4-H members.  Obviously not all of our members wanted to learn to sew so the Hubby took the non sewers and taught them Hunting and Trapping skill while I took on the rest with the help of parents and my sister (the only other person I knew that could run a machine).  We started out our adventure in sewing with only 2 members knowing how to sew (my girls) and they had just learned this year themselves so it was going to be an interesting first year of sewing for them.  With limited time (3 meetings only) I set out to teach them how to sew and actually complete a full project.  Let the fun begin......

Not enough for each member but 5 sewing machines is still impressive.
First thing to do was get more then one sewing machine.  I pulled some strings and after some were donated to us and purchasing 2 cheaper ones we had about 5 working machines.  I say about because all my new seamstress were breaking needles, jamming machines with thread and so on, basically at the end of each meeting we were down to 1 working machine but it was all good.  I could not imagine trying to teach them all on only one machine though so I was thankful for the extras when they worked.

We started with learning a little control of the machine.  I searched online and thanks to Pintrest found some sewing templates and then made a few myself.  Wish I could say by the end of the meeting they had great control, not the case but it was a start anyway and they were able to get their "sewing machine driving licenses" allowing us to actually sew a project at our next meeting.


This is actually the meeting where I begged for reinforcements in the form of my sister to help teach them sewing skills.  She was one of the very limited number of people I knew could sew and call on such short notice.  She was a big help and with a members parent helping with the ironing, her and me teaching sewing we actually managed to make canvas shopping bags.  We were headed in the right direction now.

Our 3 and final sewing project was to be a simple Apron, guess I didn't realize it was only "simple" if you had been sewing for the last 15yreas and maybe not as simple for beginner 4-H members but they struggled though it and made some amazing aprons.  I am very proud of these girls as these were not just baby sized or 1/2 aprons but full sized, double layered aprons that are durable, fully adjustable and big enough to fit even after they grow aprons!  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of all the completed aprons but for everyone I want to say, Great job to my mini seamstress!!

All variations of the same pattern.
Pockets/no pockets, ruffles/no ruffles, long tie back/normal tie backs.

And I know you think that should be all but its not as I had 3 members take on extra sewing this year in the from of our local Sewing and Textile program though 4-H.  With the help of Carla from The Scientific Seamstress they made these amazing sewing projects! They all scored "Excellent" on them at their 4-H Sewing Evaluations and two of them (in the dresses) decided that they are going on to compete in 4-H's Fashion Revue next month!
Like I said I couldn't be prouder of the job all my mini seamstress did this year and they should all be just as proud of themselves!

And with all these great sewing skill under their belts next years sewing should be a breeze.  Not only that we can finish our Community Service Project of making patriotic curtains of the Downsville, James S. Moore American Legion Post #167 who are currently undergoing some major reconstruction and trying to get things back together.

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