Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Puffy Paint Friendship Bracelets

Reversible Puffy Paint Friendship Bracelets
Dear Parents,
Summer Vacation is starting all over our local area in a week and if you are looking for a fun easy project to do with kids and friends I completely suggest giving Puffy Paint Friendship Bracelets a try.
We made them last week and my girls loved it.
How did we find such a fun and easy project?  Well, my darling Youngest Daughter is not a patient girl at all (yeah, that she gets from me) but she always wants to do craft projects and always wants to make things for her friends so we try and try but we never actually complete many projects.  She is my "Starter" the one who starts a project but never finishes it.  I can not count the projects started and stacked here and there or times she has tried to make friendship bracelets but gave up after on a few rows of knot tying  because she just can't sit at one thing that long.  So, with summer vacation starting on Monday she wanted to make something for her fiends before school ends and I'm thinking "Ugh, here we go again" but I did a fast search on Pintrest for "easy bracelets" and found these Puffy Paint Friendship Bracelets.  Thinking it looked easy enough and we had the paint we might as well give it a try.

Here is how we made them and this is what you will need:
Puffy Paint
Embroidery Thread
Gallon Ziplock Bag
Scrap Paper

Step 1:  Make your wrist template.  Draw long thin (about 1 inch) "boxed" shapes on scrap paper long enough to go around your wrist.  Be sure your paper will fit inside a gallon ziplock bag, yes we had to trim ours.
Step 2:  Slide template inside the storage bad.  Use the tape to secure a few string of the embroidery thread to outside of bag and simple use Puffy Paint to make designs on and around the string.  Lastly, wait till fully dry (a day or 2) and remove.

You will see we didn't fully stick to the templates so I'm sure if this project was for older kids the template probably is not necessary.  Just be sure the design goes all the way around the wrist if you don't want strings showing in the bracelet.

The girls did a few different styles of bracelets.  There was a simple pattern of just dots, and then gave the swirl pattern a try (toothpick swirling paint colors together) and they all looked very nice. My favorites are the swirled bracelets as it made for a different pattern on each side, two bracelets for the time invested in one, perfect for little Miss Impatient. 

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