Monday, June 13, 2016

6/5/16 - 6/11\16

This week started out just this dark.  It was probably 7am on Sunday the 5th and for June that should have been very light outside but the rain was just about to happen when I snapped the picture below.

The Youngest Daughter is our "critter kid" and loves them all. 
That could only mean one thing....Rain and we sure got some a lot last week.  With the rain also came some cold temperatures, we were in the 30's at night....That's CRAZY for June temps......

Sunday into Monday morning brought us over 3inches of rain!  Not that we weren't a little dry but that was a bit of "over kill" in one day.  Even worse is that by the time the week was over this little duck had over 4 and a half inches in it.  That is including a few sunny days to evaporate some of it.

It was obviously not nice out and with the kids still in school (2 weeks left at this point) I spent a day sewing.  Yes, these cute little strawberries took about half the day to assemble and really did not turn out that big either but they are cute so I made enough to make a table runner out of them.

With the sewing machine out and accessible I was able to complete one project.  I had started it probably 2months ago for the Youngest Daughter and never got around to finishing it.  So one night after dinner with her actually accessible to try it on I finished it off.
That's pretty much how all my sewing projects go and I'm sure at some point I will finish what ever project I turn the strawberries into but not last week as other things have taken priority.

Those things being fixing goat fencing, housework, errands and taking care of the critters who were not liking all the rain we were having.   Mommy Hen (that's her name) and the Chicks didn't do well as day 2 of the rain had her looking quite bad, thankfully it was followed by a day of sunshine and she perked back up.  I'm sure she felt about the same as I do on a rainy day when the kids are all in the house.

Our other critters not enjoying the rain and cold were the pheasants.  At a month old they are still very small and fragile to the cold temps (in the 30's) that we were having for June.  We tried hard to revive this little one but it was not meant to be and it passed away.  We were lucky and only lost 2 through the very nasty weather for June (so far).  Hopefully we warm back up this week.

Artist fairy garden for the Art Teacher
The rest of the week it was the normal here with stuff like grocery shopping, fence repair on the goat pen, it was fairy garden building for the Oldest Daughter (she sold 7 that week) and a friends birthday party.   The Youngest Daughter had a school field trip to a local Historical Fort in our area.   And the Big Guy was just content to not have a ton to do other then the "Bounce House Day" at the school.

Caught his limit for the day.
Saturday was a girls day for us.  The oldest had raised some money selling fairy gardens and the Youngest Daughter had a few dollars selling some Humming Bird feeders she was making.  So I took them shopping and we had lunch out, just the girls.  It was a lot of fun and I look forward to our next trip.  That also meant the Boys could have a day together too.  They spent most of the day here.  The Hubby had stuff to work on but it was stuff that allowed them to spend a lot of time fishing in our brook, the Big Guy caught his limit and even ate it for dinner.

And just think this is a slow week so one can only imagine all the things I "could" have shared with everyone last month when the calendar was so full you could barely see the date on it.

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