Sunday, May 1, 2016


Or should I have named this post "Turklings" as that is what the Oldest Daughter has deemed our first ever turkeys to be called.  These 6 babies are a new addition for us here at The Bull's Pen and we or should I say she and I have wanted them for a few yeas now.  She wanted turkeys so much that she actually had them on here birthday gift list too.  Well Happy Birthday to her as we got Turklings this year and it was just weeks before her birthday so perfect timing.

Meet the Turklings

Seriously, just look at these cute little guys how could you not love a darling little face like that....Awe!  I can only imagine how many turkeys we would have if Tractor Supply carried these as regularly as they do baby chicks.....
This one is named Jumper, he/she is the smallest of the turklings
and also the one that is continually jumping all over.  Jumper and
Pam are the only turkeys who have names as they will be kept to breed
for next year, the fate of the other 4 are best not listed.........Sorry but yum.

So now we have turkeys where are we going to put them once they out grow the brooder tubs???  Oh wait I had the Hubby make a barn just for the Turkeys we wanted that we didn't have......

.....Okay it was supposed to be the centerpiece for our 4-H parade float which too 2nd place in the parade but I had special plans for it all along.......

And after a few months of setting empty and lonely up by the critters this cute little barn now had critters to call it home.  It did need a little work first though.  It had no door, no batten trim on the siding or windows and it needed a solid floor.  I spent a few weeks working on it and then the Hubby helped finish the door and last of the boards.  For now we only have plastic windows till we can get a a hold of something that fits the openings better but soon it will be warm enough to just have them open anyway.

The turkeys were moved up yesterday and seemed to take to it with no problem.  They were probably happy to have enough room to actually move.  They found the essentials right away so they were left, well after a while of kids oohing and ahhing over them they were left to settle into their new home.  Its hard to believe they look so tiny after looking so big in the brooder tanks....

We put in roosts for them and some pretty close to the ground since other then jumping on their water/feeders they really had no room to roost in the brooder tubs but they chose to settle in to the nice fresh wood chips.  I was happy to see that they were sitting nicely on roost when I opened the door this morning so hopefully they learn to roost in the barn at night and not outside for when they are bigger......Only time will tell.

For now they are all settled and with 3days of rain expected they wont need to be outside but soon as the opportunity arises we need to make them a run so they can get out and explore and do all the things turkeys do.......I'll try to keep you all updated :)

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