Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new look to old planters

As a favor to my Aunt I was asked to bring new life to some old planters she had.  Great concrete planter to start with were saved from being tossed by adding color.  She wanted them to show the details in the animal and the tree.  After a good cleaning (scrubbing with a vegetable scrubber) they already looked new.  I almost didn't want to paint them as they looked so nice but she wanted colors so I gave it lots of thought and came up with the idea to have a light colored background so the animals and the tree would be more noticeable.  As for the detail it showed up mostly on its own when I added the colors so just added some black color to any lines that needed more definition. 

What they looked like to start with (minus the dead plants)

After a good cleaning and a coat of light green paint.    

Added some of the colors and details.

All finished.  How do they look? 


  1. Well, I for one thing they came out wonderful!
    Thanks for following Dandelion House and welcome to blogging! I'm your newest follower!

  2. Thank You Deborah! For following my blog and the compliment. I really thought blogging would be "easy" as I told my mom. Well its been a learning process so if you ever want to offer advice I would love to hear it!

  3. I love all the colors! What a fun change! Great job!

  4. Thank You Sabrina! I tend to be more of a neutral color person so I was worried about all the colors. But she loved them so I guess the colors worked well.